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Succesful Rally in Defense of Immigrant Workers’ Rights | Exitosa manifestación en defensa de derechos de trabajadorxs inmigrantes

Striking Hot and Crusty workers at the solidarity rally, October 18, 2012.

Update: We have received word that there is big news in the Hot and Crusty worlers’ fight.  A press conference scheduled for this Friday, November 2, had to be rescheduled as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  We will post more details about as soon as the workers make their public expression.

Actualización: Hemos escuchado que hay grandes noticias en la lucha de lxs trabajadorxs de Hot and Crusty.  Una conferencia de prensa pautada para este viernes, 2 de noviembre, tuvo que ser pospuesta como resultado del Huracán Sandy.  Publicaremos más detalles tan pronto como lxs trabajadorxs hagan sus expresiones públicas.

From The Intrnationalist.

“Hot and Crusty Workers’ Fight Is Every New York Worker’s Fight!”

NYC Unions Back Hot and Crusty Workers at Labor/Immigrant Rights Solidarity Rally

NEW YORK, October 19 – On Thursday, October 18, one hundred union, immigrant rights, student and community activists came out to the “Labor/Immigrant Rights Rally in Solidarity with the Hot and Crusty Workers.” Midtown Manhattan’s rush hour was the backdrop to a boisterous outpouring of support to the immigrant restaurant workers who have been on the picket line for 50 days after the old owner closed the 63rd Street restaurant on August 31st in reprisal for the workers organizing their union, the Hot and Crusty Workers Association. (See our article“‘Hot and Crusty’ Workers Show the Way” for background.) In line with an agreement signed with a prospective new owner early last month, the workers are fighting to win their jobs back with union recognition and a union hiring hall, crucial to their job security.

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Another Look at the MST’s Abstention Campaign | Otro victazo a la campaña de abstención del MST

MST demonstaration in support of the UTIER (eletrical workers’ union) strike against privatization, at the Electric Plant in Monacillos, San Juan, Oct. 31, 2012. Photo: Bandera Roja.

For this reason many on the Puerto Rican left are choosing to abstain from the electoral process, most notably the Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores (Socialist Workers Movement) who have been leading a campaign for abstention. This makes a lot of sense to me considering the fact that the Puerto Rican electoral system is anti-democratic and only favors the interests of the rich.

Por esta razón, muchxs en la izquierda puertorriqueña están eligiendo abstenerse del proceso electoral, más notablemente el Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores, quienes han estado dirigiendo una campaña a favor de la abstención.  Esto me hace mucho sentido, considerando que el sistema electoral puertorriqueño es anti-democrático y solo favorece los intereses de los ricos.

The following article was recently published on Solidarity‘s website. The author is a member of that organization, and the opinions and analysis expressed here are his own.  For MST members’ opinion and analysis (in Spanish) of the upcoming elections and the MST’s abstention campaign, please visit the “Debate Abierto” section of

El siguiente rtículo fue publicado recientemente en la página de Solidarity.  El autor es miembro de esa organización, y las opiniones y análisis aquí expresadas son las suyas.  Para opiniones y análisis por miembros del MST (en español) sobre las próximas elecciones y la campaña de abstención del MST, por favor visita la sección Debate Abierto” de

The Other Option in Puerto Rico

Cruz Bonlarron Martínez

For another perspective on elections in Puerto Rico, please check out our recent article by Antonio Carmona Báez.

As the US media continues to talk about the presidential elections, I think that many people also forget that there are elections taking place in one of the last colonies in the western hemisphere, Puerto Rico. But in order to understand the current debate taking place, it’s important to talk about the historical development of the current colonial system.

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Immigrant Workers’ Rights Rally, this Thursday 10/18 | Manifestación Derechos Trabajadorxs Inmigrantes, este jueves 18/10

Photo/Foto: Class Struggle Education Workers,

Received through the Hot and Crusty workers’ solidarity listserv.



When: Thursday, October 18, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
Where: East 63rd Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan

Immigrant workers at the Hot and Crusty restaurant have made headlines and inspired many by standing up to starvation wages. Organizing their own union, the Hot and Crusty Workers Association, they won union representation elections in May. But rather than negotiate seriously, the owners shut the store on August 31st. After 46 days on the picket line, the workers are now being pressured to return to work without the real union protections they have been fighting for. Determined to win a solid union victory for all, facing powerful interests invested in super-exploiting immigrant labor throughout NYC, the Hot and Crusty workers need real solidarity now more than ever. Enough of the attacks on workers and their rights. Let’s win this one!

Rally initiated by: Hot and Crusty Workers Association, Laundry Workers Center, Hot and Crusty Workers Solidarity Committee

Endorsers list in formation. Please send endorsements to

For more information, contact Virgilio Aran, 347-394-8350, or Hot and Crusty Workers Solidarity Committee, 917-520-5368,

This Sunday, Sept. 30: Papel Machete!

The MST-NYC will host an informal gathering with Jorge “Cano” Díaz and Juan Carlos Cusman of the legendary agit-prop troupe Papel Machete.  The compañeros will share their experiences using art in the struggles of students, workers, and communities in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Northeast.  Please spread the word, and bring friends and family!

Sunday, September 30, 6:00 pm
63 E 118th St., Apt. 1, El Barrio, Manhattan

El MST-NYC celebrará una tertulia con Jorge “Cano” Díaz y Juan Carlos Cusman, del legendario grupo de arte político Papel Machete, este domingo, 30 de septiembre, a las 6:00 om.  Los compañeros compartirán sus experiencias usand el arte en las luchas de estudiantes, trabajadorxs y comunidades en Puerto Rico y el Noreste de los EE.UU.  Corran la voz y traigan a sus familiares y amigos!

Domingo 30 de septiembre, 6:00 pm
63 E 118th St., Apt. 1, El Barrio, Manhattan

NEW DATE! 10/13 Community Meeting: Lessons of the Chicago and Puerto Rico Teachers’ Strikes | ¡NUEVA FECHA! Reunión Comunitaria, 13/10: Lecciones de las huelgas de maestr@s de Chicago y Puerto Rico

[Español a continuación]

The teachers of Chicago have recently concluded a week-long strike with broad community support for better teaching and learning conditions, the first of its kind in that city in 25 years.  The battle pitted education workers against mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff, in the country’s capital of Charter Schools.  The agreed contract is being heralded by the union leadership as a victory, while many “progressives” celebrate what they consider a much-awaited wake-up call for the flagging U.S. labor movement.  Many among the rank-and-file, however, are uneasy about what was conceded in the negotiation, which did not stop school closings or the expansion of Charter Schools.

Please join us for a community meeting to analyze the achievements and shortcomings of this process, in the light of the experiences of the 2008 teachers’ strike in Puerto Rico, and the long-term goals and strategies of the working-class and the struggle for socialism.

Download flyer in PDF format (English)
Download leaflet in PDF Format (English and Spanish)

View and join the event on Facebook

Puerto Rico Federation of Teachers (FMPR) message in solidarity with the striking teachers of Chicago.

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Socialists and the elections in Puerto Rico

The following article on the two lines pursued by socialists with regard to the upcoming elections in Puerto Rico, written by MST-NYC member Josean Laguarta Ramírez, was originally published in Bandera Roja En Línea.  It is currently only available in Spanish.

El siguiente artículo sobre las dos líneas políticas impulsadas por socialistas con respecto a las próximas elecciones en Puerto Rico, escrito por Josean Laguarta Ramírez, miembro del MST-NYC, fue publicado originalmente en Bandera Roja En Línea.

Los socialistas y las elecciones

El título de este escrito hace alusión, respetuosamente, a un artículo del Dr. Raúl Cotto Serrano recientemente publicado en el semanario Claridad y en el espacio cibernético, titulado “Los independentistas y las elecciones”. A pesar de ello, no se trata de una “respuesta” como tal, ya que como indica el mismo título, me interesa desplazar el terreno de la discusión.

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Two events on the FMPR and the role of revolutionaries in social struggles

[Español a continuación]

During the next two weekends, the MST-NYC will host two events related to our organization’s decades of grassroots rank-and-file political work within the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico (FMPR).

This Sunday, July 22, from 11 am to 2 pm, is the third class of our very succesful Edgardo Alvelo Burgos Socialist Summer School.  This class will be a seminar on the age-old question: Reformism/economism, or revolution?, in the context of work in the labor movement.  The recommended reading is an article from the late 1970s entitled “FMPR: ¿Nuevo sindicalismo o economicismo?” (in Spanish).

*We also suggest reading Rosa Luxemburg’s classic “Reform or Revolution?”.

Next Saturday, July 28, at 5 pm, veteran socialist, teacher, and community/environmental fighter Miguel Báez Soto will join us for a conversation on the role of revolutionary organizations in social struggles.

Both events will take place at 63 E 118th St, Apt. 1, El Barrio, Manhattan.


Durante las próximas dos semanas, el MST-NYC estará auspiciando dos eventos relacionados con las décadas de trabajo político de base y militancia por nuestra organización en la Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico (FMPR).

Este domingo, 22 de julio, de 11 am a 2 pm, es le tercera clase de nuestra muy exitosa Escuela de Verano Socialista Edgardo Alvelo Burgos.  Esta clase será un seminario sobre la vieja pregunta: ¿Reformismo/economicismo o revolución?, en el contexto del trabajo en el movimiento obrero.  La lectura recomendada es un artículo de finales de los 1970 titulado “FMPR: ¿Nuevo sindicalismo o economicismo?”.

*También sugerimos la lectura del clásico de Rosa Luxemburgo, “¿Reforma o revolución?”.

El próximo sábado, 28 de julio, a las 5 pm, el veterano socialista, maestro y luchador comunitario/ambiental Miguel Báez Soto nos acompañará en una conversación sobre el papel de las organizaciones revolucionarias en las luchas sociales.

Ambos eventos serán en el 63 E 118th St, Apt. 1, El Barrio, Manhattan.

Veteran teacher and community/environmental fighter Miguel Báez in NYC, July 28, 5 pm

Miguel presents the decisive motion at the November 2007 FMPR membership assembly where over 7500 teachers unanimously ratified a strike vote that was implemented in February 2008. | Miguel presenta la moción decisiva en la Asamblea de matrícula del FMPR de noviembre de 2007, donde sobre 7500 maestrxs unánimemente ratificaron un voto de huelga que fue implementado en febrero del año siguiente.

[Español a continuación.]

“Every struggle has its cost; whomever thinks they can struggle without sacrifice and without cost is wrong. Every struggle implies being hit in some way, but what’s important is to get back up, because every hit in this fight hardens the character of the compañeros and compañeras. They temper the dignity and spirit of indignation that every human being must have in order to charge into battle, they reinforce the commitment of struggle in solidarity together with other compañeros and other workers, to go out into the street, and to make the defense of the fundamental principles that define each process of class struggle, a priority.”

– Miguel A. Báez Soto

The MST-NYC is enormously proud to announce that, for one afternoon only, we will be joined by compañero Miguel Báez for a conversation about the role of revolutionary organizations in social struggles, in the context of the MST’s recent decision at its 7th Congress, held September 2011, to build a revolutionary combat party.

Saturday, July 28, 5:00 pm
63 E 118th St., Apt. 1
El Barrio

Miguel is a veteran of 40 years at the forefront of class struggle in Puerto Rico.  He was a founding member of the Federation of Teachers (FMPR) (a chemical engineer by training, he finally received his teachers’ certification in 1975) and its Utuado local union, and of the Movimiento Socialista Popular (MSP) and later of the MST.  In 2008 he was one of 18 teachers suspended without pay in his home town, as reprisal for their struggle, even before the strike began.  In part thanks to his and his wife and compañera Aixa Sánchez’s decades of effort, the entire town of Utuado poured out in support of the suspended teachers and of the strike.  In addition to the teachers’ struggle, Miguel is also a recognized community and environmental fighter, known throughout the Utuado region for his grassroots leadership in the struggles against copper stripmining during the 1970s, and against the Gasoducto and natural gas.  His most recent struggle and victory was with cancer, which we have been overjoyed to learn is in full remission.

Download the documents from the 7th Congress, including the dedication to Miguel by compañero Scott Barbés, here (PDF, in Spanish).


“Toda lucha cuesta; el que crea que las luchas se dan sin sacrifcio y que no hay costo se equivoca. Toda lucha implica algún tipo de golpe, pero lo importante es levantarse de los golpes, porque los golpes en esta lucha endurecen el carácter de los compañeros y compañeras. Templan la dignidad y el espíritu de indignación que debe tener todo ser humano para lanzarse a la pelea, refuerzan el compromiso de lucha solidario con los demás compañeros y con otros trabajadores para tirarse a la calle, y poner como prioridad la defensa de los principios fundamentales que definen cada proceso de la lucha de clases.”

- Miguel A. Báez Soto

El MST-NYC se enorgullece enormemente en anunciar que, por una tarde solamente, nos acompañará el compañero Miguel Báez en una conversación sobre el papel de las organizaciones revolucionarias en las luchas sociales, en el contexto de la reciente decisión del MST en su 7mo Congreso, celebrado en septiembre de 2011, de construir un partido revolucionario de combate.

sábado, 28 de julio, 5:00 pm
63 118th St., Apt. 1
El Barrio

Miguel es un veterano de 40 años en la primera fila de la lucha de clases en Puerto Rico. Fue miembro fundador de la Federación de Maestros (FMPR) (ingeniero químico de profesión, finalmente consiguió su certificación de maestro en 1975) y de su unión local de Utuado, y del Movimiento Socialista Popular (MSP) y luego del MST. En el 2008, fue uno de 18 maestrxs suspendidxs en su pueblo natal, en represalia por luchar, incluso antes de comenzar la huelga. En parte gracias al esfuerzo de décadas suyo y de su esposa y compañera Aixa Sánchez, el pueblo entero de Utuado salió en apoyo de lxs maestrxs suspendidxs y de la huelga. Además de la lucha de lxs maestrxs, Miguel también es un reconocido luchador comunitario y ambiental, conocido en toda la región de Utuado por su liderato de base en las luchas contra las minas de cobre de los 1970s, así como contra el Gasoducto y el gas natural. Su más reciente lucha y victoria fue con tra el cáncer, el cual nos hemos alegrado de conocer, se encuentra en remisión total.

Descarga los documentos del 7mo Congreso del MST, incluyendo la dedicatoria a Miguel hecha por el compañero Scott Barbés, aquí (PDF, en español).

E.A.B. Socialist Summer School: Second class and scheduling change | Escuela Socialista de Verano E.A.B.: Segunda clase y cambio de horario

Detail from the cover of “Crisis del PSP y Bancarrota de la Pequeña Burguesía,” pamphlet published in 1976 by the PSR-ML, one of the organizations that later fused into the MST. | Detalle de portada de “Crisis del PSP y Bancarrota de la Pequeña Burguesía,” folleto publicado en 1976 por el PSR-ML, una de las organizaciones que luego se fusionaron en el MST.

[Español a continuación]

The first class of the Edgardo Alvelo Burgos Socialist Summer School, held on Sunday, June 24, was a complete success. Old friends and new joined MST-NYC members and enthusiastic sympathizers for a detailed reading of “What is the MST and What Does it Fight For?” Participants remembered our compañero Edgardo Alvelo Burgos, a stalwart promoter of political education and defender of free and informed fraternal debate among socialists, shared personal experiences, and discussed the principles outlined in the document.

As requested by participants, there is a slight scheduling change for future classes. Classes will now be held from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on alternate Sundays, instead of 1:00 to 4:00 pm as originally scheduled. In consideration to our generous host and hostess, please bring your own snack/lunch, or make plans to eat before or after the class.

In addition, our second class, to be held this Sunday, July 8, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at 63 E 118th St., Apt. 1, El Barrio will be the Seminar on “The PSP and the debate between nationalism and socialism,” instead of “The Attack on Muñiz Air Base” (that document will be discussed during the fourth class, on Sunday, August 5).  There is no required reading for this seminar. However, we strongly encourage participants to  read “El debate en el PSP y la lucha por la independencia,” (available in Spanish only) from the MST’s early theoretical journal, Marxismo y Revolución.

The E.A.B. Socialist Summer School is free of charge and open to the public. Its purpose is to engage workers, students, and the community in a broad process of political education through frank and open debate of socialist principles and conceptions of struggle. Therefore, we welcome socialists from diverse traditions and organizational backgrounds, as well as non-organized sympathizers.

We hope to see new faces in addition to those joined us for our very successful first class!


La primera clase de la Escuela Socialista de Verano Edgardo Alvelo Burgos, celebrada el domingo 24 de junio, fue un éxito rotundo.Viejos y nuevos amigxs junto a lxs miembros del MST-NYC y entusiastas simpatizantes para una lectura detallada de “¿Qué es y por qué lucha el MST?” Lxs participantes recordaron a nuestro compañero Edgardo Alvelo Burgos, incansable promotor de la formación política y defensor del debate fraterno, libre e informado entre socialistas, compartieron experiencias personales y discutieron los principios bosquejados en el documento.

A solicitud de lxs participantes, hay un leve cambio de horario para las clases futuras. Las clases ahora serán de 11:00 am a 2:00 pm cada otro domingo, en lugar del horario original de 1:00 a 4:00 pm. Por favor, en consideración a nuestrxs generosxs anfitrionxs, traigan su propia merienda/almuerzo o hagan planes para comer antes o después de la clase.

En adición a esto, informamos que nuestra segunda clase, a celebrarse este domingo, 8 de julio, de 11:00 am a 2:00 pm en el 63 E 118th St., Apt. 1, El Barrio lo será el Seminario sobre “El PSP y el debate entre socialismo y nacionalismo”, en lugar de “El Ataque a la Base Aérea Muñiz” (ese documento será discutido durante la cuarta clase, el domingo 5 de agosto). No hay lectura requerida para este seminario. No obstante, fuertemente sugerimos que lxs participantes lean “El debate en el PSP y la lucha por la independencia,”de la revista teórica temprana del MST, Marxismo y Revolución.

La Escuela Socialista de Verano E.A.B. es libre de costo y abierta el público. Su propósito es involucrar a trabajadores, estudiantes y la comunidad en un proceso amplio de formación política mediante el debate franco y abierto en torno a los principios y concepciones de lucha socialistas. Por ende, damos la bienvenida a socialistas de diversas tradiciones y trasfondos organizativos, así como simpatizantes no-organizadxs.

¡Esperamos ver nuevas caras en adición a aquellas que nos acompañaron en nuestra muy exitosa primera clase!

The Attack on Muñiz Air Base: On the Question of Armed Struggle in Puerto Rico

Original Spanish text at
Original Spanish text in PDF format (with other historic documents)
English translation in PDF format

By Luis Ángel Torres Torres

This article was published in two issues, on 26 January to 8 February, and 16 February to 1 March 1981, in the “En la lucha” section of the newspaper Bandera Roja, then official organ of the Popular Socialist Movement (MSP).

Translated by the MST-NYC for the Edgardo Alvelo Burgos Socialist Summer School.

The recent military action of the Boricua Popular Army (EPB-Macheteros) against the Muñiz Air Base [Base Muñiz] has left an unprecedented loss for the U.S. military in the 82 years of colonialism to which our people have been subjected: nine combat aircraft destroyed and three more partially damaged.

The reaction of the colonial government and the imperialist U.S. government spokesmen had to be one of alarm and surprise at what for them has been the worst “terrorist act” ever conducted on “U.S. soil.” To be expected as well, [Governor] Romero Barceló lashed at the attackers calling them “fanatics, madmen and criminals.” However, this is “the pot calling the kettle black”: Romero Barceló is a fanatic, a madman, and a confessed criminal responsible for the slaughter at Cerro Maravilla[1] and the cover up of dozens of acts of corruption. His virulent attack on the Macheteros is an attack against anything that fights back against his imperialist masters, his condemnation of violence is pure hypocrisy to try to confuse the people so that they do not understand the need, at the correct moment, to use revolutionary violence against imperialism. For Romero the repressive violence of the police, the FBI and the US army is justifiable, but when the revolutionaries use violence he wastes no time in condemning it.

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